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Tuesday, 29 April 2008
2008-04-24 11:15:23

Tanggal 19 April  tim Indonesia berangkat dari Jakarta tiba di Beijing tanggal 20 April pagi dan akan melanjutkan perjalanan ke Ulaan Batar jam 08.00. Namun karena cuaca buruk perjalanan ditunda hingga pukul 22.30. Tiba di Ulaan Batar jam 02.00 dinihari tanggal 21 April

Ulan Batar adalah kota kecil yang cukup padat, penduduknya sekitar 1 juta jiwa. Sekitar 40 % penduduk Mongolia tinggal di Ulan Batar ini. Dengan penduduk sekitar 2,5 juta dan luas wilayah sekitar 1,5 juta kilometer persegi, Mongolia merupakan suatu daerah yang kurang penduduk.

Ketika mendarat di Ulaan Batar udara dingin menyengat, suhunya sekitar 6 derajat, bagi orang Indonesia sangat dingin. Namun di hotel cukup hangat. Siswa tinggal di Bayangol hotel sedangkan para pimpinan tim dan observer di Puma Imperial Hotel. Prof. Yohanes Surya sebagai presiden APhO diberi hotel yang sangat baik tepat diseberang gedung Presiden/gedung Parlemen yaitu Tuushin Hotel.

Tanggal 21 April pagi ini upacara pembukaan. Prof. Yohanes Surya akan memberikan speech. Berikut ini adalah petikan dari speech beliau:

Opening Speech at 9th APhO

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, fellow team leaders and students,

I am very proud to be here amongst all of you, particularly fellow Asians participating in this 9th Asian Physics Olympiad in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.

My heartiest congratulations to Mongolia, who has graciously accepted the formidable task of hosting our 9th APhO and succeeded in having  18  countries and  150 students participate this year.

In this moment I would like to share with you some bad news. Last july we lost Prof. Gorzkowski one of the founder of the APhO. And just last week we lost  DR Rachmat Widodo Adi, who was supposed to lead the Indonesian team to Mongolia today.  We have lost not just  accomplished teachers and trainers, but also  great physicists,  very knowledgeable teachers, and also  very good friends.  We will miss them dearly.

In every Olympiad event, they used to remind us that we gathered together here for the next few days, not only to compete amongst the best and brightest of each of our country’s future physicists and scientist, but also we would like to learn from each other.

Physics is all about observing nature around us, for example  observing  an ant society,  a hive of bees or behavior atoms and molecules. It is interesting to observe them especially when they are in a critical condition,  without a single definite leader, they all manage to be  as a society  in a self-organizing manner, managing their movement, their stabilities, their food, enemies, and all…  Through observation of nature such as these, through physics and also the life sciences, our young generation will learn from analogies in the relationships in nature.  Science will help further open young minds to a better understanding of this world we live in, and through that, help devise the tools needed to build a much more improved society in the future.

Our achievements in these olympiads are just part of the process that our youth will go through to continue the study of science in general, of physics in particular, that will help illuminate society, help solve societal problems, and help provide the world’s decision makers with appropriate tools to resolve the complexity of the problems we face in this increasingly globalized and connected world, this ONE world that we live in.

These are just my thoughts that I have been pondering on, and of which I hope all of us will at least think about and bring back to our respective countries.  When we end this olympiad and return home together, let us continue collaborating, leaders and students and our communities, through our work in science, particularly physics, opening minds towards becoming part of the solution to the future, to bring us all together towards a better world, this ONE world, to live in.

With that note, I wish all of you a successful event, and an enjoyable time together.  Let the games begin!


Ulaanbaatar, April 21st, 2008


Prof Yohanes Surya PhD
Asian Physics Olympiad


 Sumber : http://www.yohanessurya.com/

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